Friday, February 24, 2006

Minutes 7/20/05

Book Club Meeting – Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
Present: Amin Smith, Georgina Bowen, Willow Smith, Craig Harris
The meeting began at approximately 6PM at the Paraquet Restaurant.
Procurement of suitable books, in sufficient numbers, was seen to be the club’s initial priority. Suggested methods of procuring selected titles included ordering via online book purveyors such as Amazon, ordering directly through the local bookstores, having members bring sufficient copies back from overseas trips and simply choosing from what is available locally ‘off the shelf’. For our first selection Amin volunteered to scour local bookshops for a suitable title, reserve four copies and alert the other members via email.
It was agreed that all members should have input into the selection of titles to be read by the club. The most sensible suggestion was that each member brings one or two possible titles to the next meeting and that they be discussed and voted on. All members agreed that the opportunity to read books they would otherwise overlook was an advantage of being in a book club. However, it was also generally agreed that titles should not be so arcane as to discourage interest and participation by any member or member. Another suggestion was that each member be responsible, in turn, for the selections. Again, any potential selection will be largely governed by our ability to actually procure the book in a timely fashion.
Future venues for the meetings were also discussed. There was general agreement that meetings could be held at member’s homes or in public venues. It was decided that the next meeting was to be held at the Frog & Onion Pub, Dockyard, on Wednesday, August 17th, 2005.
As to the frequency of meetings and the exact dates a certain amount of flexibility was suggested. It was agreed that if any member was unable to keep to the arranged meeting date that they would endeavour to advise the other members at the soonest opportunity so that another mutually agreeable date could be arranged. For now it was decided to hold the next, and possibly future, meeting(s) roughly every four weeks.
The first meeting of the book club ended at approximately 9PM.


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