Friday, February 24, 2006

Minutes 9/18/05

Book Club Meeting – Sunday, September 18th, 2005
Present: Amin Smith, Willow Pearce, Craig Harris

The meeting was held at Craig’s house and began at 6pm.
The opportunity to see several new members join the club was discussed and it was agreed we would make it as easy as possible for them to attend the next meeting(s) by being flexible with date and time. Therefore the next meeting was scheduled for October but the exact date was left flexible. The most convenient date for all was to be found. Craig was to contact new members.
Our last selection, ‘Pushkin by Binyon, was the debated. All agreed they enjoyed this book although Willow advised he had read better books based on this poet. All were in unison that this version was a bit long however its thoroughness left us feeling that we knew the figure fairly well. This was especially important to Amin and Craig who knew little about him prior to reading this book.
Racism in Russia during the 19th Century was questioned. It was felt there must have been evidence of it at the time although the book did not mention it. Also, Pushkin’s love life was questioned and we attempted to ‘read between the lines’. It was finally decided he was more unlucky than lucky in love. There was even more discussion on the art of dueling which lead to wider debate on who would actually engage in this activity and why?
As a comparison to this biography there was considerable reference to ‘War and Peace’, which is set during Pushkin’s lifetime. It was suggested that in the future another book on Russia during this period would be enjoyable.
We next took an opportunity to share other books we were currently reading. Craig offered a book on the Argentine fight for the Malvinas, Amin suggested ‘Bullshit’, a current bestseller, and Willow offered ‘Dr. Johnson’s London’.
This lead to a general conversation on what people today are reading and lead to a scorching indictment of Oprah.
Before concluding it was agreed that Craig would source the next book.
The meeting ended at 8PM.


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